About Us

From time immemorial India and the sub-continent have enjoyed eating spicy foods, but it was not until the mogul invasion that the cuisine we know and love today, came about. The Mogul invaders brought with them new culinary styles and themes which over time was blended with the old style cooking of the areas indigenous occupants.

The main changes that took place was that meat was eaten on a regular basis, there were introductions of many different spices and herbs from further afield allied to the introduction and merging of the traditional dishes of Persia, Afghanistan and Asia.

The new styles of cooking attained their perfection in the Punjab, Bengal, Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan) and these areas now are famously renowned for their irresistible and exotic concoctions using the clever blending and usage of many herbs and spices, subtle and fiery alike, so that each constituent plays its appointed part in the overall resulting dish!

Here at the Mogul Raj, we have produced a menu that is lively and exciting – a menu that brings as much choice as it does variety of cuisine. Our highly experienced chefs use their flair to produce for you the most memorable sub-continent culinary experience.

The ingredients we source are the freshest and finest that we can find, and – wherever possible – fresh spices are used and finely ground or otherwise prepared in our kitchen just when they are needed to produce the maximum amount of flavour.

Only the very best grades of Patna and Basmati rice are selected to compliment your dish. We ensure that all the meat we use is the leanest and the very best quality money can buy. We only use breast meat in our chicken dishes.

Our friendly staff are fully trained and are on hand to guide you to make the best choice for you, so go ahead and ask -they're only too happy to oblige!

To summarise - we go the extra mile to make sure that your dining experience here at The Mogul Raj will be an experience to share and remember – most of our diners come here regularly – so we must be doing something right!

We look forward to welcoming you to our relaxing restaurant and making your visit memorable – but if would like to dine at home with a take-away or delivery – well that's just fine with us – either way call us on 01661 821 550.